Invest in your health

I would like to welcome you to my practice.

I look forward to assisting you to better health and to a productive working partnership. Many people find the prospect of a consultation with a psychiatrist rather daunting and I hope the following may help alleviate the process. Please take the time to read this information to help you make better use of the services I offer. Hopefully it will give you the answers to many frequently asked questions about my practice.

In September 2018, I was elected to Fellowship of the Royal College of Psychiatrists as a mark of distinction and in recognition of the significant contribution I have made to the core purpose of the College throughout my career.

I a private, self-employed general adult psychiatrist and can treat patients aged 18-65 years. since the recent Covid pandemic, I started to provide Skype-based video consultations for all new patient referrals instead of “in person”, and telephone consultations or Skype video consultations for follow-up appointments. From April 2022 onwards I will be commencing in-person appointments on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings at the Priory Hospital Roehampton.

Please be mindful that as a private doctor, I can only provide treatment within the private sector. There are likely to be a wide-range of other options available to manage your health concerns within the NHS, especially if you require inpatient treatment for perinatal mental ill health. I could provide you some basic information about these if you request, but would advise you to explore the options in more detail with your NHS GP if you wish to pursue them.

The initial consultation usually takes about an hour during which you can tell me about your symptoms and circumstances that you feel might be contributing to the situation you present with. I will use the time to ask you about your background, your upbringing and your relationships as these will usually have had some bearing on your current situation. It would also be useful if you could provide me with a list of current medication (if any) that you may be taking. The frequency of follow-up appointments will vary according to your clinical need and usually lasts up to half an hour. Following psychiatric assessment and evaluation, I will discuss a formulation and management plan with you.

Most patients I see invariably get referred for psychological therapy so that they can learn to use skills to help them overcome their current difficulties or past trauma as well as gain additional ways of dealing with future circumstances that could prove troublesome. I refer to a variety of psychotherapists to help you with this task and therapy can include Cognitive Behaviour Therapy, supportive counselling, anxiety management techniques and relaxation training amongst others. Family and couple/relationship therapy can also be arranged if required. In addition to individual therapy, I am able to refer patients to attend a selection of psychological group therapies as a day patient at The Priory Hospital Roehampton.

If your condition is more serious and requires inpatient treatment, I can arrange for your admission to The Priory Hospital Roehampton. I usually see my inpatients approximately twice a week.

I will do my very best to inform you of various treatment options and discuss the ‘pros and cons’ of each so that your views can be fully taken into account before we reach a consensual agreement on your management plan. If you are unhappy with any aspect of your care, please feel free to contact me as soon as you can so that any issues can be resolved as quickly as possible. Should you remain dissatisfied, you can put your concerns in writing and use my formal complaint resolution procedure, which meets with the requirements set out by the Independent Doctors Federation (IDF) for its members and also the Independent Sector Complaints Adjudication Service (ISCAS). You may ask my secretary for a copy of my complaint resolution procedure or download it from my website.

I welcome feedback about my practice.

More information about my practice, background and media contributions can be obtained via my website:


From April 2022 onwards, I plan to commence in-person appointments on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings at the Priory Hospital Roehampton.

Please note that it is your responsibility to provide my secretary with your Skype email ID or reliable phone number if you wish to use either of these formats for your scheduled appointment. Please familiarise yourself with using Skype before your appointment to avoid delays in establishing communication with me. If I am unable to reach you, and don’t call you within 10 minutes of your appointment time, you should call my secretary on 020 8392 4203 and ask to be connected to me.

Please be advised that I am not contactable via Skype or my Skype email address outside of your pre-arranged appointment time.

I am planning to resume some “in-person” consultations on Monday mornings and Thursday mornings at the Priory Hospital Roehampton, from April 2022 onwards, for those patients who would prefer this mode of contact. Please request this when you book your appointment.

Cancellation Policy

You are required to give at least 2 clear working days’ notice to my secretary if you wish to cancel or change your appointment otherwise you will be charged in full for the missed appointment.
Please note that most health insurance companies will not generally cover the cancellation fee and you will be liable for this.

I am usually punctual but may occasionally be delayed in consultations, given the nature of the conditions I treat. If this occurs prior to your appointment, I will ensure you get your full appointment time but if you leave before waiting (or being available) for 30 minutes, the full charge for the consultation will be payable by you.


If you do not attend your programmed day care therapy session/s your insurer will not pay for your day care review with me and the fee for your appointment with me during that period will then be charged to you at the ‘follow up’ rate.


From 1st April 2022 onwards, the following fees will apply:

Initial consultation £450* (up to one hour)
Follow-up consultation £225* (up to 30 minutes)
Consultations that extend beyond these times will incur an additional charge of £115 per 15 minutes
* The fee may differ should there be a pre-arranged fixed rate with your insurance company.
* From 31/08/2019 onwards AXA-insured patients will be required to personally contribute the shortfall towards consultant fees.
* The fee for self funding patients will be payable on the day of the appointment.

Telephone consultations for medical advice, detailed letters or emails concerning the monitoring or treatment of a particular condition will be charged for at the following rates:

Telephone calls £20 The fee will vary depending of the duration of the call.
Prescriptions £30 You will be charged separately by the chemist for the cost of the medication prescribed.
Emails £30 The fee may vary depending on the length of the email.
Sick certificates £30 The fee may vary depending on the length of the letter.
To Whom It May Concern Letters £30 The fee will vary depending on the length of the letter.

Terms & Conditions of Payments

In the absence of prior written agreement to the contrary, payment of my charges is required on receipt of my invoice. Failure to make payment within 28 days of the due date will result in the matter being referred to my Debt Collection Agents whose charges will be added to, and payable with the invoice debt.
Please note that Bijlani Consulting Ltd no longer accepts personal cheques.


My secretary is based at the Priory Hospital Roehampton and your data will be stored on Priory’s care notes system. I will send letters summarising consultations with you by post or e-mail to people you consent to having a copy, such as your GP and psychotherapist, as well as you, (unless you request to opt out from receiving these). Copies of the letters will remain on Priory care notes systems and in paper files I will store securely for the legally required length of time. My secretary will securely retain your payment details including insurance company policy numbers and credit card details, until you are discharged from my care.

You will be asked to sign a consent form (Priory H Form: 34E) at your first appointment to allow me to process your data in this manner and to confirm whether you wish me to utilise e-mail to communicate with you rather than post.

Please contact my secretary if you have any queries or requests regarding this.