Research and Medical Publications

Medical Publications

Clinical Focus Primary Care

N. Bijlani (2013) Sleep, tiredness, lack of energy: heart sink symptoms, Clinical Focus Primary Care Volume 7, issue 1: 51-60.

Royal College of Psychiatrists

Royal College of Psychiatrists, OP66, Mentoring and Coaching, Nov 2008 (co-authored with Drs Rosalind Ramsay and Alan Swann)

Impact of Counsellors

M. White, N. Bijlani, R. Bale and T. Burns, (2000) Impact of Counsellors in primary care on referrals to secondary mental health services, Psychiatric Bulletin, 24, 418-420.

The Women in Psychiatry Special Interest Group

I have been a regular contributor to the newsletter published by The Women in Psychiatry Special Interest Group (WIPSIG) of The Royal College of Psychiatrists and was Editor from 2003 to 2008.

Pulse Today (Journal for doctors)

By Dr. Julian Spinks
23 February 2011, page 17 – 18

Update (Journal for GPs)

“Depression & Bipolar Disorder – Expert answers to burning questions”
August 2007, pgs 9-11.