There is still considerable stigma, fear and ignorance about mental health disorders, which often discourages people from seeking help. I believe that the media plays a crucial role in informing and educating and in helping to dispel common myths regarding mental ill health. Over the years I have made numerous contributions in various publications, as well as on radio and television.

Dr. Natasha Bijlani

Research and Medical Publications

A list of my research and medical publications can be found here.

Medical Publications

Media Contributions

I have made numerous media contributions on subjects including depression, seasonal affective disorder (SAD), insomnia and addictions.

TV and Radio

Morning Live (BBC TV)

Guest interview by Kym and Gethin with Kerry Katona, on coping with a loved one who has alcohol addiction and recognizing signs of dependence in oneself,   26 May 2021

Sunrise Radio

Interview with Anila Dhami on How to cope with anxiety as lockdown restrictions lift and what is “languishing”,   25th April 2021
By Dr Natasha Bijlani

Sunrise Radio

Interview with Anila Dhami on shame and stigma around mental health issues within the South Asian community, 31 January 2021
By Dr Natasha Bijlani

Sunrise Radio

Interview by Anila Dhami on how to cope during the new national lockdown and corona virus pandemic, 8 November 2020
By Dr. Natasha Bijlani


"Five tips on how to improve your sleep during the Covid-19 pandemic"
By Dr Natasha Bijlani

Channel 5 News at 6:30pm

Interview re: Possible mental health effects of sexting and bullying,
By Matt Spencer,
12 May 2015

Channel 5 News at 5pm

Interview re: Possible mental health effects of sexting and bullying
12 May 2015

Capital Radio

Dr Bijlani commenting on the potential dangers of sexting and cyber bullying on Capital Radio news bulletin, 11 May 2015

BBC WM 96.5 - Sunny and Shay

A radio interview about coping with a new relationship after bereavement.
7 January 2015

Sky News Sunrise

Guest appearance with Eammon Holmes on SAD
26 March 2013.
link no longer available

Magazines and Newspapers

Holland and Barrett

“Why does mental health matter?”

10 October 2023

World Nation News Desk

“Mental, The First Mental Health App Made Just For Men - World Nation News”

4 July 2023

Breaking Latest News

“New Mental Health App Aims to Help Men Overcome Stigma and Seek Help”

3 July 2023

The Daily Telegraph

“Cost of living crisis morphs into a health emergency”

10 December 2022

The Hippocratic Post

"Tsunami of people seeking stress and addiction help"

23 November 2022

How to get over heartbreak

Sex and Relationship Tips “How to get over heartbreak”

23 December 2021.

The Independent

“How to deal with Covid anxiety amid new omicron variant”

Kate Ng
2 December 2021

“What is serotonin syndrome and what causes it?”

Lydia Smith
23 November 2021

“How to switch antidepressants safely”

Lydia Smith
12 November 2021

“Should I switch antidepressants”

Lydia Smith
11 November 2021

The Independent

“The Great Friendship Cull: How we curated our friendships over lockdown”

Kate Ng
28 June 2021

Yahoo Lifestyle UK

“One in four people believe their relationship has suffered during Covid-19 pandemic”

24 May 2021

“What to do if the pandemic has taken a toll on your relationship”

by Tanyel Mustafa
20 May 2021

The Daily Mail

“How lockdown has IMPROVED our mental health”

by Angela Epstein
5 May 2021

Women’s Health

“Danae Mercer: 'Recovering From Anorexia Taught me The Power of Self-Love' as told to Mini Smith”

21 April 2021


“How to get over heartbreak: 12 tips to mend your broken heart”

by Anna Bonet
15 April 2021

The Irish Times

“A lie-in at the weekend could actually make you feel gloomy”

by Thea Jourdan
18 March, 2021 01:00

“Why do I keep having nightmares”

by Grace Walsh
10 February 2021

“7 acts of self-care you can practice during a winter lockdown”

by Rachel Thompson
26 January 2021

The Daily Mail

“Can sunbeds help banish winter blues?”

by Julie Cook
7 December 2020

HR News

“How to cope at Christmas: Priory experts on handling grief and loneliness over the festive season”

2 December 2020

The Times

“Second wave is bringing a mental health crisis”

by Alice Thoms
21 October 2020

HR News

“As clocks go back this week, a Priory expert explains SAD syndrome”

19 October 2020

“Why the Clocks Changing Brings On the Blues — and What You Can Do to Cope”

by Chantelle Pattemore
17 October 2020

Wellbeing News

“Priory experts talk about Covid-19 depression amid concerns about a “second wave”

By Lisa Baker
14 September 2020

The Hippocratic Post

“Job Loss and anxiety”

By Hippocratic Post
18 August 2020

City Matters

“Faltering economy causing ‘escalation in anxiety levels”

By Ben Brown
13 August 2020

The Independent Newspaper

“Is it Monday or Wednesday? Why lockdown reduces our sense of time”

By Olivia Petter
4 May 2020

The Independent Newspaper

“Why are people experiencing particularly vivid dreams during lockdown?”

By Sabrina Barr
29 April 2020

The Independent Newspaper

“Coronavirus: Why do people seem to feel groggy and tired during lockdown?”

By Sabrina Barr
6 April 2020

Priory Hospital blog

“How to prevent corona virus from affecting your anxiety”

By Dr Natasha Bijlani
4 April 2020

Harper’s Bazaar magazine

“Mental health checklist: 6 daily habits to boost your mood instantly”

By Rhalou Allerhand
2 April 2020

Woman and Home magazine

“What to do if news of the coronavirus outbreak is causing your anxiety to spiral”

By Amy Hunt
17 March 2020


“All the lonely people”

By Leah Hardy
1 January 2020

Best Monthly

“Free yourself from anxiety”

1 January 2020

Happiful magazine

"Let's get physical"

By Katie Connibear
1 January 2020

Priory Hospital blog

“Coping with grief at Christmas”

December 2019


“How to cope with your first Christmas after the death of a parent”

By Lucy Miller
13 November 2019


“The 8 warning signs your mental health is at risk – and how to tackle it”

10 October 2019


“How my tattoo saved me from suicide”

By Katie Conibear
10 October 2019

50 Connect

“The health benefits of retiring by the sea”

By Jamie Turnbull
21 August 2019


“How to manage your anxiety through pregnancy and motherhood”

By Dr Natasha Bijlani
August 2019

Suffolk babies

“Guest post: Managing anxiety in pregnancy”

By Dr Natasha Bijlani
17 August 2019

The Guardian

“Mid-year burnout: does it exist or are we all just permanently tired?”

By Elle Hunt
15 July 2019


“How to Manage Your Anxiety Disorder During Pregnancy and New Motherhood”

By Dr Natasha Bijlani
2 July 2019


“How to mend a broken heart: the 6 stages of heartbreak recovery”

By Anna Bonet
5 July 2019

Men's Health UK

“Stress: spotting the signs and symptoms and ways to treat it”

By Annie Hayes
20 May 2019

Sunday Telegraph, Stella magazine

“Are you a midlife Instagram Addict?”

By Dr Natasha Bijlani
5 May 2019

The Guardian

Say goodbye to sad- simple steps to reverse winter woes

By Dr Natasha Bijlani
26 February 2019

Why anxiety at night can feel so intense

By Lydia Smith
18 February 2019

Huffington Post

Six things to know about supporting a loved one with an eating disorder

By Dr Natasha Bijlani
13 Feb 2019


What’s it like to live with chronic fatigue syndrome and depression

By Eleanor Segall
10 Jan 2019

Huffington Post

What Christmas Is Like With Depression: 'I Just Want To Stay Home And Sleep' Tips for surviving the festive season from those who've been there

By Natasha Hinde
19 December 2018

Prioritising Staff Welfare in Hospitality

"By Lottie Goss"
12 June 2018


Mental health checklist: 6 things to make you feel better instantly

By Rhalou Allerhand
10 October 2018

The Mirror

Love Island's Megan shockingly claims plastic surgery is 'just like getting your hair done

By Amanda Killelea and Kelly Allen
2 August 2018


You should never ask a woman when she’s having kids including Meghan Markle

By Charlotte Pasha
6 June 2018


When you see a doctor about depression, here’s what to expect

By Charlotte Pasha
2 June 2018

The Ambient

How to build the ultimate night time routine with smart home tech; The tech that could help you get a better night’s sleep

By Becca Caddy
25 April 2018

The Times

Rich, hooked: Matthew Mellon’s world

By Helen Rumbelow
8 April 2018

Huffington Post

Is Your Sleep Tracker Ruining Your Sleep? What To Do About 'Orthosomnia

By Natasha Hinde
29 March 2018

Priory Hospital Roehampton

Priory Lane

SW15 5JJ

Families Penines Issue 43

Postnatal depression and anxiety in new parents

March April, 2018

Eating Disorders Awareness Week: 7 tips from a psychiatrist for those in recovery

Press Association
February 26, 2018

Eating Disorders Awareness Week: 7 tips from a psychiatrist for those in recovery

Press Association
February 26, 2018

How to help someone who is suffering from an eating disorder

By Alice Howarth
February 25, 2018

London Evening Standard

How to help someone who is suffering from an eating disorder

By Alice Howarth
February 25, 2018


Having trouble sleeping? Dry January could be giving you insomnia

By Sirena Bergman
January 23, 2018


4 reasons why living by the sea is the best for your mental health

By Katie Avis-Riordan
January 23, 2018

Metro Lifestyle

Why living by the sea is good for your mental health

December 20, 2017

International Business Times

Know somebody with a mental health illness? Here's what not to say to them over Christmas

By Ruchira Sharma
December 15, 2017


What it’s like to have anxiety when you’re pregnant

By Sarah Graham
September 6, 2017


What it’s like to have anxiety when you’re pregnant

By Sarah Graham
September 6, 2017


What it’s like to have anxiety when you’re pregnant

By Sarah Graham
September 5, 2017

Huffington Post

Time For A Reality Check On Reality TV Shows

By Dr. Natasha Bijlani
July 20, 2017 17:08

IDF News Spring 2017

Beating baby blues

What every doctor should know about perinatal depression.
By Dr. Natasha Bijlani

Yahoo Style UK

The rise of the sixty-plus birth club

By Marie Claire Dorking
January 19, 2017

The Daily Mail online

"Awkward menopause side-effect that no one talks about: One in five women see their cup size increase- often dramatically. And it can be so painful they resort to surgery"
By Eimer O’hagan
11 January 2017.

Stylist Magazine

How to keep the peace and avoid a family bust-up this Christmas
By Amy Lewis
5 December 2016

The Daily Express and Sunday Express

“Perfect peace: The top tips to avoid a stressful Christmas”
By Sarah Ewing
20 November 2016.

Yahoo Style

“Are you ever too old to become a mum?”
By Claire Dorking
13 October 2016.

The Telegraph

“Advice for managing menopause in the workplace”
(Advertisement feature Vichy Neovadiol)
1 August 2016

The Telegraph

“Advice to help clear the menopause fog”
(Advertisement feature Vichy Neovadiol)
by Claire Fox
25 July 2016.

Counsel and Heal Mental Health

“Relationships Key to Your Sanity: How People Around You Affect Your Mental Well-Being”
By Brian McNeill
18 May 2016

Nashua Voice

“Nurture relationships as they are vital for our wellbeing”
By Emma Tiller
17 May 2016

The Independent

“Why relationships are important to your wellbeing”
By Kashmira Gander
17 May 2016

The Sunday Times

Keeping up with the Kollapsing Kardashians
By Leaf Arbuthnot
13 March 2016

The Priory Hospitals website

5 top tips for mothers with low mood and depression in the postnatal period
March 2016

ES Magazine - Lifestyle

How the super rich do detoxes…in five-star privacy.
By Charlotte Edwardes
21 January 2016

Natural Health Magazine

“The Talking Cure”
Natural Health Magazine
1 January 2016

The Daily Mail

Why are so many young women taking heart pills to calm their nerves? Beta blockers can reduce anxiety for extreme worriers.
By Antonia Hoyle
9 November 2015

BBC News Website

Depression risk to sexting children, warns psychiatrist
11 May 2015

The Times

Teenage sexting could lead to depression in later life
By Rosemary Bennett
11 May 2015

The Daily Mail

Sexting and online bullying is fuelling teenage depression
By Sophie Borland
11 May 2015


‘Older and wiser? A personal insight into ‘new later motherhood’
By Kate Baily,
10 May 2015

The Guardian Newspaper

“Teetotaller numbers rise in the UK with one in five adults not drinking”
By Amelia Hill
13 February 2015

Daily Mail

"Erin McNaught’s post-baby body"
By Bianca London for Mail Online
10 February 2015

Huffington Post, UK

“Could Being More Spontaneous Change Your Relationship?”
By Sarah O’Meara
09 February 2015

The Times - Weekend Section

“How to cope when Christmas isn’t so perfect”
By Anna Maxted
20 December 2014, page 16.

BBC Focus - Science and Technology Magazine

“How to beat the winter blues”
By Lilian Anekwe
December 2014, page 57 to 60

Mother and Baby (magazine)

“Bump & Birth Antenatal Care”
By Becky Howard
October 2014, page 36

Daily Mirror

““Why the bikini is not just for the itsy-bitsy”
By Siobhan McNally
19 Aug 2014, pg 34

Tesco Living (website)

“How to beat insomnia”
24 July 2014

The National Student

“How dangerous are study drugs, really?”
We ask the experts by Lucy Miller
9 May 2014 14:54:34

Evening Standard (online magazine)

“Beat the NEW* Blues(that’s our never ending winter)”
Susannah Butter
25 March 2013

BBC News Website

“Does too little sunlight give us all the winter blues?”
By Philippa Roxby
12 November 2011

Best (magazine)

“Young, gorgeous and plastic”
By Kate O’Reilly
27 September 2011, page 26 – 27

Men’s Health Magazine

Joy Provision Page 66-67

Easy Living (magazine)

“Therapists on the couch – The Depression Doctor” (A profile of my work as a psychiatrist)
October 2009, page 75

The Mail on Sunday - You magazine

“Things you don’t know about…Rehab”
Judith Woods
30 March 2008, pg 23

Zest (magazine)

“5 early warning signs”
By Lisa Buckingham
February 2008, page 50-51

Glamour (magazine)

“What every woman should know about antidepressants”
By Hannah Ebelthite
Jan 2008, pg 111-120

Closer (magazine)

“I hope my darling wife Joanne is at peace with Natasha” (Natasha Coombs suicide)
29 Sept – 5 Oct 2007, pg 22-23.

Daily Mail

“The SAD truth about those winter blues”
By Rachel Ellis
25 Sept 2007, pg 49.

First (magazine)

“Cocaine is my secret pleasure – Fact file”
By Dr Natasha Bijlani
24 Sept 2007, pg 33-34

The Daily Telegraph

Features section,
“A sinister web of sex and perfection”,
By Judith Woods
21 Sept 2007, pg 24

The Daily Mail

“After that soggiest of summers, the winter of discontent”,
By David Derbyshire
18 Sept 2007, pg 24

The Independent

“Winter may herald SAD epidemic for millions”,
By Emily Dugan
17 Sept 2007, pg 21.

Daily Mirror

“Beating Addiction – Why we get hooked on drugs”,
By Judy Yorke
4 Sept 2007, page 34.

Edge magazine

From the Institute of Leadership and Management (magazine)
“All work and no play”
Steve Coomber
Dec/Jan 2007-08, pg 20-25.
(I provided an expert opinion on page 25).


"Eve Teasing Adams"
July 23, 1995 (India), p116-118.


"Why Do Women Care Less About Their Health? Why do we have health differences between the sexes?"
uly 8, 1995 (India), p 9-11.

Savvy magazine

"The Cup That Doesn’t Cheer"
(India) (an article about alcoholism in women)
January 1995, p48-53.


"Why Do Horror & Violence Fascinate Us?"
(India) (an article about alcoholism in women)
January 23, 1995 (India), p68-70.

The Times Book of Executive Style

"Surviving Stress"
(India) (an article about alcoholism in women)
November, 1994, (India), p71-75.


"Mothers and Daughters : Foetal Attraction"
(Cover Story) Femina
December 8, 1994 (India), p7-8.


"Why We Treat Sons Different from Daughters"
November 8, 1994 (India), p159-161.

Femina (Magazine)

"Medicine, Marriage and Motherhood"
(Four Indian women doctors interviewed for a fortnightly Indian women’s magazine)
February 1990.

Image (Magazine)

"Sindhis ­ Stylish and Successful"
(an article about the Sindhi community, past and present, in an Asian fashion magazine, published in the UK).
Diwali/October 1988.

Bart’s Journal

"Breaking the Silence ­ Vicky Clement-Jones talks about cancer and BACUP"
Bart’s Journal Winter 1985/6.

Bart’s Journal

"An Architect, a Farmer, a Father and a Duke"
An interview with HRH Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester.
Bart’s Journal, Winter 1985/6.

Bart’s Journal

"Student Life without Exams"
An interview with HRH Princess Anne.
Bart’s Journal, Summer 1986.

Bart’s Journal

"Dr. Dawson ­ 21 years at Barts"
Bart’s Journal, Autumn 1986.

Bart’s Journal

"Medicine, Marriage, Motherhood"
Bart’s Journal, Autumn 1986.

Bart’s Journal

"Psychiatrist in the Chair"
An interview with Professor Anthony Clare.
Bart’s Journal, Winter 1985/6.

Bart’s Journal

"Interview with the Dean"
Bart’s Journal, Summer 1985.